Metodi Vlachkov - CEO

Metodi Vlachkov is a founder and main shareholder in Topic Service. In the moment he supports the team and the clients with expert consultations in the area of finance, economic analysis and taxes.

e-mail: m.vlachkov@tss.bg



Ivelina Nikolova - Administrative Manager

Ivelina Nikolova is Administrative Manger in Topic Service since 2008.She is bachelor in Business administration and study Project management in IBS.

e-mail: office@tss.bg






 Ralf Petrov - Project Management

  e-mail: r.petrov@tss.bg










Denitsa Leninova - Financial Director

Denitsa Leninova is in Topic Service’s team from 2004. Since 2010 she is Financial Director in the company. She has graduated SA “D.A.Tsenov” speciality Accounting and audit in non-finacial entities.

e-mail: d.leninova@tss.bg


Keti Novkova - Internal auditor

Keti Novkova is in Topic Service’s team since 2003. Since 2009 she is an internal auditor in the company. She has a major degree in Business and Finance from North-western London College.

e-mail: k.novkova@tss.bg



Evelina Dimitrova - Accountant

Evelina Dimitrova has joined Topic Service in 2005. She is high qualified expert with long-standing experience in accounting.

e-mail: e.dimitrova@tss.bg


Krasimir Mongov - Accountant

e-mail: k.mongov@tss.bg










Aneta Marinova - Accountant

Aneta Marinova has joined Topic Service in 2015.She is master degree in "Accounting and Audit" in New Bulgarian University.

e-mail: a.marinova@tss.bg








Galina Ruseva - Payroll Expert

Galina Ruseva has joined our team in 2016.

e-mail: g.ruseva@tss.bg