The Subscription Account Services and consultations have been a subject of our activity since the establishing of the company. These services include accounting and tax consultations, analyses and assessment of the actual condition of the company. If there is need we provide suggestions for alternative solutions for management and financial resources.

The subscription accounting provides different package of services: double entry bookkeeping, financial reports, VAT registered reports for Social and Health insurance, NSI reports, human resources and payrolls, preparing documents for bank credits, processing of accounting documents, analyses, reports, verifications, etc., related to the client’s activities; audits of companies and certification of the accounting reports by a certified expert-accountant; mastering systems for automatic processing of accounting documents; consultations at a management level, concerning the oranization and the possible alternatives for developmnet of the economic activities of the consulted economic subject.

Apart from the obligatory observing of the legally regulated time-limits, a main indicator for professionalism and effectiveness of accounting work is the constant actualization of the knowledge resources, resulting from the frequent changes in the regulatory framework and tax legislation. Our team keeps a close watch on the actual changes in the regulatory framework, concerning not only the national financial and fiscal policy and international taxation, but also the adopted changes, regulating the business directly or indirectly.