The internal regulations for the documents accepting and processing, their analysis and filing as well as the information we are provided with is regulated in accordance with the requirements of the QMS ISO 9001:2015.

We offer different types for subscription accounting services, striving to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients

Subscription Account Services obligations of Topic Service JS .

Subscription Account Services base pack – based on the regulatory framework, tax accounting. Implementation of the minimum tax requirements :


  • The Executor is obliged to provide accounts for the economic activities of the Assignor in compliance with the Legislation, regulating the Accounting and Tax Book-keeping and with the Accounting Policy and Company Chart of Accounts, approved by the Assignor;
  • The Executor keeps the accounting registers, in compliance with the accounting principles, implied into the Accounting Act, the National or International Accounting Standards.
  • The Executor accepts the Assignor’s documentation according to schedule and checks, classifies, provides accounts for, records and keeps it.
  • The Executor prepares the statements and reports, stipulated in the national Accounting Standards and the Accounting Act. The Executor provides supervision for the emergence of other obligations related to filing Tax Returns, Reports, Statements and other documents connected with VATA, CITA, TINPA, AA and AS;

We provided different services modificated to nedds of our clients's business.